The nonprofit organization, Latinos Educando Juntos (LEJ), is a Pennsylvania statewide 501 c(3) organization that was created to support small business owners and entrepreneurs to support drive, motivation, and creativity in the LatinX/Hispanic community, especially early learning practitioners. The purpose is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs to reach educational, advocacy, and leadership goals to expand career and growth opportunities. The goal is to provide enhanced quality services in early learning education for all children and their families in black and brown communities.

Our Vision

LEJ’s vision is to become the main hub in Pennsylvania for small business owners and early childhood education providers that service Black and Brown children and their families so they have access to resources and opportunities needed to become successful

Our Services

LEJ was created to expand opportunities for individuals and small businesses through resources rarely available to them. Reducing barriers through translation services and education, LEJ provides many different services.

  • Equitable access to grant funding
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Workforce and career readiness
  • Business practice supports and resources
  • Advocacy opportunities
  • Increasing family and community engagement