Latinos Educando Juntos Announces Partnership with Cribs for Kids

Jul 10, 2023

Latinos Educando Juntos is thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent partnership with Cribs for Kids. As an organization dedicated to promoting education and well-being within the Latino community, this collaboration allows us to join forces and effectively deliver a clear, concise safe sleep message across the nation. By incorporating our expertise in providing educational resources tailored specifically in black and brown communities and in childcare centers , we can now enhance Cribs for Kids’ mission of reducing infant sleep-related deaths. Through targeted outreach initiatives and culturally sensitive campaigns, we aim to empower caregivers with vital knowledge on creating a safe sleeping environment for their precious little ones. With this powerful alliance, we are confident that our collective efforts will have a profound impact on saving young lives and fostering healthier communities nationwide.

We implore you to kindly consider providing a donation towards this crucial cause, as your contribution will be pivotal in helping us reduce these tragic occurrences. Rest assured that all donations received will be allocated towards essential training for families and childcare centers alike. Furthermore, parents in need will receive cribs, wearable blankets or even car seats – vital resources ensuring their infants’ safety and security during slumber. Help us make a lasting impact by supporting this worthy endeavor today!