The goal of LEJ is to close the gaps due to language barriers. We want to provide resources and advocate for a holistic approach. We need more advocates for Latin people to be successful and sustainable.

The well-known, historic expression “Nothing about us without us” (LatinNihil de nobis, sine nobis) is what LEJ is the perfect demonstration. It is a slogan used to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members of the group(s) affected by that policy.

As part of LEJ’s advocacy policy, we want to educate, build awareness and strengthen relationships with political and civic leaders to be included in discussions that impact the Latin community. In other words, we need to raise voices. There have been small changes which means our voices are being heard but not nearly enough. We hope to serve Philadelphia but also PA and other cities as well where LatinX business owners and childcare and early childhood education providers are growing

We advocate for education and opportunities for members of the Latin community who want to enter the workforce by strengthening financial literacy, family partnerships, workforce development, human resources, retention and recruitment. We hope to increase on-site-training, educational opportunities with college credits so that individuals gain self confidence to enter higher education all while expanding the workforce.

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